"Anak-anak yatim adalah tanggungjawab kita bersama, tanpa anda siapalah mereka di masa hadapan"


Making Rumah Barkat, the Welfare Organization of Johor Orphans a Home The Best Orphans' Dreams


Giving awareness to orphans that orphans are not a wall obstacles to achieving outstanding life goals


Trying to give birth to knowledgeable, ethical people to achieve self-sufficiency harmony, prosperity and well-being in this world and the hereafter

Conditions for admission of children to Rumah Barkat

  • Orphan/fatherless
  • Be Muslim
  • Aged 6 years to no more than 17 years old
  • Income does not exceed RM 1000 per month
  • Doctor's confirmation report

  • The Orphans' Welfare Organization prioritizes the following characteristics to children in the organization

  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Health